Chowchilla Madera County Fair - Celebrating our 75th Fair!
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Livestock Exhibitor Info

Poultry and Small Master Showmanship - Cancelled

All Poultry Shows have been cancelled for the 2019 Chowchilla-Madera County Fair, including Small Master Showmanship. CDFA has notified all Fairs that the California State Veterinarian issued a letter recommending all poultry exhibitions be canceled that include birds from high risk counties as a result of the Newcastle disease vND. This is a highly contagious respiratory virus in poultry. If you have any questions regarding the Newcastle virus, please contact the Sick Bird Hotline at: 866-922-2473.



Has Been Extended To Tuesday, April 23rd at 11:59pm

Beginning January 1, 2019, the Fairs and Exposition Branch (F&E) will require all California Fairs (County, Citrus & District Agricultural Associations) junior livestock (large and small animal) exhibitors to annually participate in the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) program or a quality assurance program established by their local fair and approved by CDFA.For more information on the YQCA program you can visit

YQCA Ethics Training

This MUST be COMPLETED by the entry deadline of April 19th!!

Leaders/Advisors will need to scan in the certificates for each of the students in their project in order to receive ear tags. NO ear tags will be given without proof of certificate

** If you need help setting up a training or need to find a training to attend please contact Ashley Hofman-Niederfrank for further assistance

4-H Clubs / FFA Chapters / Independent Exhibitors Still Exhibit Competition

This is a mandatory entry for every 4-H, FFA Chapter, and Independent Exhibitor Any Club/Chapter/Independent Exhibitor who fails to enter the competition and deliver a finished project will be fined $100.00. The fine is to be paid by the conclusion of the 2019 Chowchilla-Madera County Fair. Any fines not paid by the conclusion of the fair will result in that Club/Chapter/Independent Exhibitors ineligibility to participate in the 2020 Fair. NO EXCEPTIONS


Please make sure before checking out for your entries that you have entered your exhibitor in the appropriate showmanship classes for whatever species they are showing.

** If you forgot to add showmanship when you checked out, log back into your account and add showmanship under the appropriate exhibitor and go through the check-out process again

Are my Entries Complete?

If the system does NOT ask for your credit card information for check-out and provide you with a receipt you have NOT properly entered the show. Log back into the system and complete the check-out.


Scrapie Tag ID- Please list the ENTIRE scrapie tag including the letters

Entry Comment-Breed of sheep BREEDING ONLY

National ID- Scrapie Tag BREEDING ONLY

Market Steers

Tattoo/Ear Notch- Fair issued Ear Tag Number

**Beef animals entering the market steer/heifer class must have attended the pre-weigh in January 19th. **


Tattoo/Ear Notch- Animals tattoo; If entering a meat pen please put all tattoos and separate with a comma.

Entry Comment - Breed of rabbit

Custom Field 1- Variety/Color

*** These are custom fields specific to rabbits only the system does not have pre-made fields so please use the above fields accordingly to make the show run smoother

Entry Information

  • Horse Entries: Close Friday March 22, 2019.
  • All Other Entries: Close April 19, 2019.
  • We strongly encourage exhibitors to submit their entries prior to this date. If you are mailing fees, fees must be postmarked by the closing date.
  • Late Showmanship entries (other than Horse Show) will be accepted until Monday April 29th online only, for a $25.00 fee.
  • No late entries will be accepted.
  • Entry Fees are NON REFUNDABLE.
  • Remember to enter Showmanship. It is your responsibility!
  • Be sure to read the exhibitor handbook in regards to all rules and information pertaining to the 2019 Chowchilla-Madera County Fair.

Exhibitor Handbook and Schedule

How to use a "GROUP" account to enter


Livestock Exhibitors will have the opportunity to purchase an admission wristband for $12 for the run of the Fair. Wristbands must be purchased online at the time entries are submitted. If a wristband is not paid for with entries, exhibitor will be required to pay regular price. Wristbands must be picked-up by the exhibitor Monday, May 13th or Tuesday, May 14th at the Livestock Office between 3pm - 8pm. Wristbands will be placed on the exhibitor by a Fair Staff Member and must be worn through the run of Fair. Wristbands are good for general admission only. A separate admission ticket will be required for Grandstand Events.

Livestock Exhibitor Wristband $12.00
Parent/Leader/Advisor Wristband $20.00
Livestock Parking Pass $50.00
Dry Camp RV Space $100.00
Livestock Exhibitor Unlimited Ride Wristband $29.50


Midway of Fun is offering a four day carnival wristband for livestock exhibitors. For $29.50 livestock exhibitors can pre-purchase a carnival wristband that will be good from 3pm Thursday May 16th, thru 10pm Sunday May 19th, 2019. The special is limited to one per livestock exhibitor. Offer expires April 19th, 2019. Must be paid by check or cash.


Resale Check Release: Resale checks will be available beginning on the Thursday, May 23th. Checks can only be picked up on Thursdays. Checks must be picked up by either exhibitor, parent or guardian, photo ID required. No checks will be mailed. Note: Rabbit exhibitors do not receive resale checks.

Final Auction & bump checks: Will be available once the buyer(s) has paid in full. Emails will be sent to notify the exhibitor that checks are available for pick up. Checks can only be picked up on Thursdays.

Buyer information will be available to the advisors and leaders beginning Sunday after the Awards Banquet in the livestock office. All checks must be cashed within 6 months of issue date. If a reissue check is required a $50 fee per check will be subtracted from the exhibitors check.

The Fair Board strongly encourages exhibitors to send Thank you notes to all buyers and bump bid supporters.

Livestock RV Requests Forms

Trailer/Camper: Dry camp sites will be $100 for the week of fair. Dry camp sites are across the street from the fairgrounds at the school farm. Camp sites will be assigned as a first come first serve bases. All spaces must be pre-paid before arrival. Trailers may arrive on Sunday, May 12th between 9:00 am –5:00pm and Monday, May 13th between 8:00am - Noon. You must make arrangements to place your trailer during the stated time frame, no exceptions. Sites will be assigned as you pull in, so if you want to camp with other people you must arrive together. Campsites are limited and fill up quickly so be sure to pay for you site early. Person under age 18 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

2019 Livestock Judges

Beef –

Dairy Cattle –

Dairy Goat –

Horse –

Horse Trail –

Meat Goat –

Poultry Breeding & Showmanship –

Poultry Market & Showmanship –

Rabbit Breeding & Market–

Rabbit Showmanship –

Sheep –

Swine –

Master Showmanship

Beef –

Dairy Cattle –

Dairy Goat –

Horse –

Meat Goat –

Sheep –

Swine –

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